Case Medifé

Medifé now extracts all updated information from an enterprise Data Lake with real-time visualization. Achieving:

  • Reducing the waiting time for online telemedicine consultations to 1 minute.
  • Serving more than 25,000 queries per month in its telemedicine channel.
  • Creating more than 200 different dashboards, 150 of them developed by the final users from different areas.
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Case Cammesa

Thanks to the implementation of Qlik, the company achieved, among other benefits:

  • Free access to data, variables, and historical data.
  • Public access data democratized.
  • Web portal renewed, with a new design and new tools.
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Case RUS

Thanks to the implementation of Qlik, RUS, achieved among other benefits:

  • Extend its analytical capabilities to its business partners.
  • Optimize and improve the quality of its portfolio.
  • Directly impact revenue and profitability.
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Case Banco Ciudad

Thanks to the implementation of Qlik, Banco Ciudad achieved, among other benefits:

  • A claims dashboard in very few weeks, to be able to see statistics and daily follow-up.
  • A tool that allows them to have the information instantly. Previously, it took an employee 20 days to generate a report.
  • A monthly volume of seventy-five thousand records processed.
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Case Agrofy

Thanks to the implementation of Qlik, Agrofy achieved, among other benefits:

  • Obtain the information in SQL and interact with all the APIs events.
  • Have the information available for analysis on the second day of the month.
  • Develop five applications and reports necessary for Brazil in less than a
  • month, and with a daily volume of more than one million records.
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Case Europackaging

Thanks to a fast implementation of Qlik Sense, Europackaging achieved:

  • Combine information from different databases, making it accessible to decision-makers.
  • Reduce reporting time: from 1 month to a few seconds.
  • Expand commercial information and drastically reduce operational time.
  • Return on investment in 4 months.
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Case MailAmericas

The implementation of Qlik Sense SaaS allows for very good performance as users and data grow, without the need to keep track of system upgrades. These are the advantages of the implementation:

  • Availability, centrality, and ease of access to information.
  • Reduction of infrastructure costs.
  • Automatic generation and sending of reports.
  • Alarm generation.
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