Case LoJack

Learn how QlikView added value to the business when it changed the way information was accessed and it made data analysis more agile.

In only three months, LoJack had the opportunity to use a dashboard which substantially improved the way the company managed and used data:

  • No time was spent on creating the dashboard.
  • The time spent on analysis was reduced.
  • Larger volumes of data were analyzed in a better way.
  • Extremely complex information about the business, which was usually difficult to interpret, was presented in a simple way.
  • High-quality detailed information and excellent timing.
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Case Ciudad Bank

Thanks to the implementation of Qlik, the bank was able to:

  • Develop a dashboard for customer claims in a few weeks to follow them up on a daily basis and to access statistics.
  • Have a tool that provided access to real-time information while before an employee used to spend 20 days on creating a report.
  • Process a volume of 75,000 data records per month.
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Case GeoPark

In only three months, GeoPark was able to control its EBITDA and costs thanks to QlikView. 

Learn how GeoPark was able to:

  •  Generate and analyze information faster.
  •  Have more control over expenses when managing the budget.
  •  Have a single repository of standardized information with shared definitions.
  •  Reduce reporting time.
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