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NPrinting Designer

This course enables students to create reports and is intended for business users and analysts who are familiar with Qlik apps and need to create and distribute static reports based on documents from QlikView and Qlik Sense.

This course will cover the following topics: how to set up the web console, how to create reports (Qlik Sense), the NewsStand environment, reports distribution options and user management.


  • Explain how Qlik NPrinting complements Qlik’s products offering.
  • Explain the product’s architecture and components.
  • Describe the installation process.
  • Configure the Qlik NPrinting web console.
  • Create Qlik NPrinting apps and data connections.
  • Create Qlik NPrinting reports from one or multiple sources.
  • Apply filters to Qlik NPrinting reports.
  • Explain security concepts and apply them to reports.
  • Use Section Access with Qlik NPrinting.
  • Manage reports recipients and distribution in multiple ways.


  • This course thoroughly explores concepts related to reports creation and management with Qlik NPrinting. The students and the instructor work together to create a series of reports in multiple formats.
  • First, we will cover aspects related to the Qlik NPrinting infrastructure and environment. Then, we will explore content creation in connection with reports.
  • This course was designed using Qlik NPrinting June 2017 running on a Windows server. Therefore, you can only access the web console through an Internet connection and a compatible browser.


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