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Qlik Sense Designer

This course provides professionals, who may not be technicians, with the basic concepts that are necessary to create their own visualizations in Qlik Sense.

Taking a case-based approach, students will learn concepts related to data visualization, the selection and creation of different charts, app publishing, and storytelling to share insights.


Work on a business case to show students the essential steps to create a complete Qlik Sense app and to tell a story with data insights. 

This course combines activities for demonstration and guided exercises. It also explores the concept of data visualization, which allows participants to choose the most suitable chart for each situation, depending on the data available and the questions they need to answer.


  • Introduction to Qlik and its products.
  • Components of a Qlik Sense app. The hub. Apps and sheets.
  • Navigation, queries and associative search.
  • Selections in charts.
  • Master items: dimensions, measures and visualizations.
  • Types of charts available and their characteristics.
  • Data visualization. Best practices and recommendations.
  • Agile data loading.
  • Mapping. Geographic data loading.
  • Expressions: what they are and where to use them (in tags and texts, in measures, in calculated dimensions, in conditional functions, color by expressions).
  • Expressions and Set Analysis. How to use the AGGR function. How to use flags.
  • Bookmarks. Storytelling.
  • Sharing apps: publishing an app on Qlik Cloud. Sharing an app on Qlik Sense (server).


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