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Qlik Sense Developer

This course covers the basic concepts about data development and management in Qlik Sense, which will be put into practice in different activities during the course.

First, we will learn about Qlik products. We will particularly cover aspects related to the Qlik Sense environment.


This course is intended for Qlik Developers and System Administrators. Developers are mainly responsible for creating a data model and extracting, transforming and loading data appropriately to meet business needs.

This course is intended for professionals who need to create Qlik Sense apps starting with the integration of data sources. During the course, you will explore several concepts and practice using the tool to develop a high-quality data model.

The main topics of this course are load script, best practices, data modeling, database connections and security.


Having taken the Qlik Sense Designer course. 


  • Create a data model in Qlik Sense.
  • Use the Script Editor.
  • Understand basic script syntax.
  • Create and maintain database connections.
  • Load data from multiple sources, including Qlik DataMarket.
  • Solve problems in the data structure and script errors.
  • Generate and transform data in the load script.
  • Troubleshoot problems related to data loading, such as circular references and synthetic keys.
  • Add objects and simple visualizations.
  • Learn how to use .qvd files and incremental loads.
  • Migrate a document from QlikView to Qlik Sense.
  • Learn how security works in Qlik Sense.


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