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QlikView Designer

This course is the first step in the QlikView training and is intended for professionals who need to create QlikView documents.  

During the course, you will explore various concepts and practice using the tool.


Students will learn about how to design the app’s user interface, what are the best practices for doing it, and how to create a QlikView document with sheets, list boxes, graphs, reports, multidimensional charts, and tables.

At the end of the class, participants will develop their own app based on a proposed case study.


  • A brief introduction to QlikView.
  • The basic concepts needed to design a user interface. Best practices. Aspects to take into account when designing a QlikView document. Definitions and use of sheets, sheet objects, list boxes and table boxes.
  • Creation of sheet objects.
  • How to use these objects to address your business needs, such as organizing, importing and exporting data.
  • How to create charts in QlikView.
  • Charts properties: how to modify their format and design.
  • Introduction to multidimensional objects: simple and pivot tables with multiple expressions.
  • Advanced charts: a hierarchical view of list boxes and mini charts.
  • Advanced calculations: an introduction to Set Analysis and AGGR functions.
  • Reports creation and management.


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