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QlikView Developer

This course is intended for professionals who need to create QlikView documents starting with the integration of data sources. 

During the course, you will explore various concepts and put them into practice using the tool. We will focus on creating data models: load script, best practices, data modeling and database connections.


Learn advanced scripting techniques and how to create complex data models. At the end of the class, participants will develop their own app based on a proposed case study, which will include Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


Having taken the QlikView Designer course or the Self-Paced Designer course available at


    • The QlikView environment and different implementation methods.
    • Introduction to data and scripting, relational databases and other data structures.
  • Connect to ODBC and OLEDB sources.
  • Introduction to scripting languages and best practices for using them, including date and time functions and variables.
  • Data preparation requirements to create a QlikView document.
  • Basic description of the data model and the table viewer.
  • Deal with anomalies in data models, such as synthetic keys.
  • QVD files: purpose, creation and usage.
  • Script debugger and troubleshooting.
  • Add data in text format and generate data in load script.
  • Definition of mapping tables: cleansing and optimization of data structures.
  • Advanced script functions: aggregate data, table joins, concatenation, functions, IntervalMatch.
  • Set analysis and AGGR.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Incremental loads.
  • Build security into a document.
  • Advanced connection to databases.



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