Advanced Analytics


Gain a deeper and more intuitive knowledge on business with advanced analytics that will guide you to new information in hours instead of days.

Be the best in data preparation and report creation with Qlik + Alteryx’s advanced analytics.

• Easy access to more than 60 tools for advanced analytics —statistical and predictive— thanks to the integration with R.
• Ad-hoc analysis of multiple sources, which you can make intuitively using the drag and drop feature and without coding.
• Advanced spatial analytics and use of mobile apps that take the user’s location into account to prepare and improve the geographical information available.
• Integration with Qlik to read and write QVX files.
• Seamless integration of internal and external sources, even on the cloud.
• Quick design of predictive analytics models with a unique understanding of spatial data.

With more than 1,000 clients all over the world, Alteryx is the leading company in data preparation and advanced analytics. Combined with Qlik, it enables intuitive workflow, providing you with deeper insights in hours instead of weeks.

Access your analytics anywhere, at any time, from any device and improve decision-making at your company thanks to data analysis.

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