Data Mining


A Data Mining Platform

Powerful mapping and location-based analytics that will help you improve your business performance by analyzing geographic data.
Use powerful map visualizations and location-based analytics to analyze geographic data and improve your business performance.

  • Analyze geospatial relationships and uncover non-relationships with Qlik’s associative model.
  • Improve your understanding by using an automated drill-down in geographic areas.
  • Use different visualizations in the multiple drill-down levels.
  • Explore multiple sources in only one app.
  • Build maps without coordinates to increase productivity. You can use country or city codes, or simply place names.

Reveal crucial information in many different ways:

IoT: Track people’s movements via Wifi signals or bluetooth to understand and improve foot traffic.

Mobile devices: Combine web data with geospatial information to have a better understanding of where and when your clients use their phones and apps.

Geo-related datasets: Identify which type of prospect is in each sales territory to boost your marketing campaigns.

Tracking: Group GPS location data from individual vehicles to better understand traffic patterns.

Routing: Consider travel time when you analyze who are the best suppliers for a plant.

Access your analytics anywhere, at any time, from any device and improve decision-making at your company thanks to data analysis.

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