A Data Storage Platform

In a secure and governed manner, this cloud-base data storage platform unifies, integrates, analyzes and shares data that was previously isolated in silos.


• A multi-cluster, shared data architecture:

Snowflake’s architecture logically separates, but natively integrates, storage, processing, and services. You can enable almost all your users and workloads to access a single copy of your data without impacting performance.

• A global data solution:

Snowflake abstracts away the complexity of underlying cloud infrastructures, allowing you to run your data solution seamlessly across multiple clouds and regions for a single and consistent experience.

• Secure collaboration:

It allows users to share data easily and collaborate in a secure way in the business ecosystem.

This platform has a copy of all your data, which can be accessed by many secured and governed workloads. Also, it has practically unlimited performance and scalibility and near-zero maintainance.

With a purpose-built architecture for the cloud, it allows different teams to work on the same data —structured and semi-structured— at the same time without affecting performance.

Access your analytics anywhere, at any time, from any device and improve decision-making at your company thanks to data analysis.

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